About Us

The dating game has changed dramatically over the last two decades, but at America’s Singles, we believe the traditional rules still apply.

  • Be yourself
  • Be honest
  • Be kind

At America’s Singles, we are not just another online dating site. We are a dating site who cares about the quality of its members. We want members who are honest, respectful, and overall good people. Quality over quantity.

Other dating sites are full of scam artists, convicted felons, and married people, with only a small percentage left of nice, sincere, single people. It really is like searching for a needle in a haystack. At America’s Singles, we have an abundance of needles; making it easy to find the love of your life.

With America’s Singles, we have taken every precaution necessary to ensure your online dating experience is more fun, more safe, and fruitful than any other dating site.

  • Everyone is Verified: Every member goes through Onfido.com’s state of the art confidential verification system.
  • Background Check: Our public records search combs thousands of national criminal record databases to flag anyone with a violent criminal history, felony convictions, and sex offenders.
  • Scammers, felons, and sex offenders are Not Welcome: With the background check and verification system in place, we reduce our member’s odds of ever coming into contact with a scammer or a convicted felon.
  • Easy to find love: America’s Singles is proud to have a simple, easy to use website for men and women of all ages. Members can change their account settings, search for new matches, and change their profile information all in the same page. Dating is complicated but the website doesn’t have to be.

With our selective membership, it is no wonder America’s Singles is projected to be the fastest growing dating site in the country!