How it Works

  1. Click “Join” and fill out the simple, online profile.


  1. Search America’s Singles by clicking “My Matches” and instantly be connected with people who are similar to your morals, values, and interests, all while matching your specific preferences.


  1. Or do an Advanced Search where you can select more detailed interests and preferences.


  1. When you see someone you like…
  • “Send Message” Write a short, nice note introducing yourself and add a question to receive an engaging response.


  • Not sure what to say to get the conversation started? Check out our simple writing prompts to get things going.


  • “I’m Interested” sends an email to the other member notifying them of your interest. We still strongly encourage you to send them a personal email as well!


  • “View Later” gathers a list of members you are interested in viewing later. This makes going through “My Matches” fast and efficient!


  • Means this person will no longer show up in your “My Matches” page.


  1. Before you meet in person, run the background check on yourself and request your date complete this task as well. When you see their profile photo highlighted green, their background check verified there were no criminal records found under their name.


  1. Meet in a public place for your first date. Coffee shops, bookstores, and restaurants are a perfect first date meeting place.