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Dating Sites Vs. Dating Services

Thirty years ago, joining a dating service was a private affair kept from friends and loved ones. Ten years later, the idea of joining a dating site was considered desperate. Today, it is actually surprising if you met your partner through natural settings. While majority of you are just out there winging it, the percentage of...Read more

Do Opposites Attract?

  Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is one of the most challenging, heart-wrenching, mind-boggling tasks you will ever experience. From your first love to your latest ex, being in a relationship is everyone's goal, regardless of what cynics will try to sell me on. Everyone wants a...Read more

The 5 Best First Date Questions

Going on a first date can be nerve racking, especially when you are unsure of how to break the ice. What do you say to someone you are meeting the  first time in person, and more importantly, what do you say that won't make you sound like you are interviewing them for a job? It can feel like you have already asked all of your standard...Read more

Meeting For Coffee Vs. An Actual Date

Since meeting online is the new normal, more and more singles are finding coffee dates to be a suitable first date location. However, this approach to meeting a potential life partner for a first date can leave both parties feeling a lack of chemistry. Where did this idea of "lets just meet for coffee" even stem from? The answers are...Read more

What to Say in Your About Me Paragraph

Why is this one, small, 650 character paragraph so frustrating? When I was single, I would sit over this paragraph for an hour, re-writing and perfecting it to sound like I was the most wonderful, non-crazy, outgoing, laid back woman on the planet. What I actually sounded like was someone who spent 3 hours writing an About Me paragraph. I...Read more

The Best Dating Site for Single Parents

While there are literally hundreds of dating sites to choose from, there aren't very many geared towards single parents. With all these sites, which one should you join? As a single parent, your time is very valuable, and you don't have much to waste. Those few precious minutes you get to yourself at the end of the night...Read more

How to Get More Attention in Online Dating

Before you jump to conclusions, it has less to do with photos than you think. Your photos are the number one culprit of why he/she didn't respond to your incredibly charming email, but there is more to it. Getting an abundance of responses is more than just about being an above average 6 out of 10 on the hot or not scale. We all can't be...Read more

How to Get Back in the Dating Scene

Dating is like riding a bicycle. More like a unicycle, and you only have one leg. It's scary, nerve-racking, and the constant anticipation can make your hair fall out. Most people trailing into the dating scene this year were married for ten or twenty years, and dreading the whole idea of "getting back out there". I don't blame you....Read more

Are Your Standards Too High?

          Are your dating standards too high? You're reading this because one of your friends or family members told you that your standards were too high. They might be right. Actually, they are probably right. If your list is more like a dissertation, then your asking for too much. If you...Read more